About Stillwaters

Stillwaters Genealogy was created from a love of family, a mutual history, and a desire to honor the people who have come before us by telling their stories.   It was born from an idea generated around a lunch table, where Shannon - who is the main contributor to this site - would often entertain her dining companions with her late night discovery of yet another fascinating story from her very large, very branchy family tree.

In addition to Shannon, Stillwaters Genealogy also includes contributions and support from a multitude of people, not the least of whom is Shannon's mother, and life-long editor, Glenys.   Glenys brings with her an incredible love of literature and research, history, and geography, and years of experience as a librarian, researcher, and technical editor.   Their team work, in combination with research support, contributions - and challenges - provided by many others, has resulted in the recording of hundreds of stories that played out over numerous decades - and the continued legacy of families far and wide.   It is a testament to the fact that a beacon of light can be ignited from the smallest flame.

It is their belief that every life is interesting, and everyone deserves to be honoured that keeps them going, searching, digging for that next great story, that next remarkable person hidden in the guise of a "normal staid relative".    We all have amazing stories to tell.  It's up to us to find them, and share them with the world.  We invite everyone to join in our journey.