Historical Photo Resources

Photographs of people and places can really add to your Family History when you're trying to tell a story.    They can also open up new ideas for places to find new stories, or answer questions.

Just remember, if you choose to use a photograph in any of your written documents, make sure you in the very least give credit to the source of the photos, if not contact the photographer or holder to request their permission.

  1. Flickr    a good source of current photos by some talented photographers, but also scans of older photos posted by members.
  2. Ebay   check for postcards and other documents currently for sale on Ebay.

Canadian Library and University Archives
Reminder, just because it's located in Canada doesn't mean the subjects are only Canadian.
  1. University of Victoria Digital Archives   discovered when searching for photos of WW1.  
  2. Toronto Public Library Digital Archives
  3. University of Toronto Image Bank
  4. Library and Archives of Canada - Image Search
  5. Hamilton Public Library online Images

United States

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