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  1. Torrance, California - Newspaper Archives
  2. Online Archive of California
  3. Minerva Online
  4. California Online Historic Newspapers

  1. Births, Marriages, Baptisms, Deaths in Coventry Connecticut 1711 - 1844

  1. Chicago Tribune Archives
  2. Chicago Street Number Changes - 1909  link to .pdf document with details
  3. Chicago Loop Street Number Changes - 1911   link to ..pdf document with details
  4. Chicago Street Name changes    link to .pdf document with details

  1. Keokuk County, Iowa Cemeteries  (.pdf)


  1. Kentucky Newspapers on Archive.org

  1. Boston Massachusetts City Directory 1916
  2. Medical Directory of Boston, 1906
  3. Salem, Mass. East - Record of Parish List of Deaths 1785-1819
  4. Epitaphs from the Copp's Hill Burial Ground, Boston (1851)
  5. Copy of the record of death of the First Church in Rowley, Mass. (1878)
  6. Record Commisioners Report including Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, 1630-1699