Ships, Passenger Lists

This section includes links to Passenger Lists from a variety of countries and ports.

Stillwaters Advice:  Don't stop your research into this area once you've discovered your ancestors name on a passenger list.   Seek out information on the Ship itself.  You might find a record of the voyage.   In one case this gave me insight into the conditions under which an ancestor travelled, and led me to discover that the ship struck a rock and sank.  My ancestor was one of only 3 survivors, and was credited with rescuing a small child and the child's mother.... who he went on to marry and raise a family with in the New World.  

Please note that all paid sites are denoted by $$$.  All other sites provide free information.  Some free information sites may reference sites that require payment, but the general basis of the site is free.

  1. The Ships List (Passenger Ships)
  2. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

From Ireland

  1. Black Sod Emigration  This website is dedicated to the memory of the people of North West Mayo who emigrated to Canada and the United States in the years 1883-84 assisted by “The Tuke Fund”.

North America
  1. Maritime History of the Great Lakes
  2. Immigrants to Canada