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General - Ireland
  1. Ask About Ireland
  2. National Library of Ireland
  3. Bureau of Military History of Ireland
  4. DHO: Discovery. (Digital History Online)
  5. Ireland Newspaper Abstracts
  6. Irish Genealogy Projects   This is a very useful site, with volunteers adding alot of records to it. 
  7. Irish Policing history
  8. Ordnance Survey of Ireland - Then and Now   (maps)

Photographs - Ireland

  1. National Library of Ireland - Flickr Photostream
Church and Government Records in Ireland
  1. Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, Taken from ... (1863)
  2. Index to the marriage licence bonds of the diocese of Cork and Ross, Ireland, for the years from 1628-1750, preserved in the Public record office of Ireland (1896)
  3. Public Records Office - Northern Ireland
  4. Church of Ireland
  5. Cork and Cork City Archives - Online
  6. The Belfast Gazette   government official paper of record

Cemeteries in Ireland
  1. History from Headstones (Northern Ireland)
  2. Historic Graves
  3. Irish Gravestone Photographs   many photos of cemeteries exclusive to  Worth checking out !
  4. County Cork Cemeteries

Northern Ireland

  1. Belfast Family History
  2. National Museums of Northern Ireland
  3. Northern Ireland General Register Office - GRONI   $$$.

County Cork
  1. Rides through the County Cork, 1835
  2. Francis Guy's county and city of Cork directory 1875/1876
  3. The history of the county and city of Cork (1861) Volume1
  4. The history of the county and city of Cork (1861) Volume2
  5. Bandon Genealogy
  6. Skibb Girl's County Cork Pages
  7. West Cork History  ***
  8. History of the Parish Ovens
  9. West Cork Genealogy
  10. Index to the marriage licence bonds of the diocese of Cork and Ross, Ireland, 1628-1750
  11. Register of the parish of the Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, from July, 1643, to February, 1668
  12. Clerical and parochial records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross. 1864
  13. Cork Past and Present
  14. Annals of St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, 1871

County Cork - Dunmanway Killings April, 1922
Note: this is just a subset of information regarding Cork around the time of the "troubles" in 1920's, and in particular the events surrounding the death of Michael Collins. 

  1. Google Map of the Dunmanway Killings information - April 26-29, 1922

County Mayo
County Tipperary