Saturday, 4 January 2014

Let's Take a Tour of this Blog

The main purpose of the blog initially, was to create a warehouse for on-line resources that others can use in their own searches.  My bookmarks are rather unruly, and I'm frequently hunting for one link or another.  So if you look at the list of links to the left, you'll see how I've categorized them for now.

At the moment, these are literally just lists of sites that I use on a semi-regular, or very regular basis in my hunting.   My family all, at one time or another either lived, or passed through, Ontario or Quebec, Canada.  So my list of links is heavily focused on those two provinces in Canada.     The majority of my family also hails from either Ireland or Wales, so again there may be a slight weight given to those lists.   And finally, a large number of them also settled in Boston, Massachusetts, or Cleveland, Ohio, so those will be two growing areas in the United States category.

Over time, as I slowly add to these lists, they may shift and change, and more main categories could be added.   But for now, they are what they are.    I've lumped things like Ships and Passenger Lists, Cemeteries, Newspapers, and Maps together instead of dividing them up between countries because those are items that do ebb and flow between countries.  Newspapers from the U.S.A. often make mention of events in Ontario.   There was a time when an expat Irishman would die in Canada, but his burial records would also be filed in their family church in Ireland, or a Canadian burial record would denote the place of birth or residence of their parents in Ireland.

Eventually, I'd like to try and highlight some of these sites and maybe give some suggestions as to how you can use the information you find there, to lead you to another site or another bit of information. But for now, enjoy the list.  And please feel free to suggest others that you've found handy as well.  You'd be amazed at how much we can all learn from one another.

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