Friday, 10 March 2017

One Reason to Read Genealogy Newsletters & Blogs

A simple Google search will bring up hundreds of Genealogy and Family History newsletters and blogs written by professional genealogists, and amateur sleuths alike.   Trying to decide which ones to read on a regular basis can be overwhelming at times.   If we read all of them, we wouldn't have time to work on our own projects.

That being said, I recommend finding a few you like, and making sure you read them on a regular basis.  Not only will it open your eyes to new places to search, or a new perspective on a brick wall - but often times it can save you money.

Case and point - Irish Genealogy News.   Claire, the author, writes the blog in tandem with her Irish Genealogy Toolkit.   Both sites are a wealth of information!   For those of us researching our Irish history, the Irish Genealogy News is not only full of interesting tidbits, but also lets you know how you can save money. 

For example, today's entry tells us how you can get a 20% discount on the Irish Newspaper Archives  (offer expires March 18).    On March 6, she let us know about a 1/3 off discount on an annual subscription.   Those two alone represent a potential savings of 110 Euros or ~ $160CAD !

Add in updates on Genealogy Projects such as headstone transcribing/photographing, and reviews of books or magazines, and other great posts on a regular basis, and it's definitely a site to add to your reading schedule.

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